Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who are you and why are you here?

This time, instead of writing about myself, I'm going to write about you. Yes that's right, I can see you. I'm sure anyone who has their own blog with a site meter knows that. So who are you? What brings you here?

I like making lists so here goes:

1. 92% of you live in the US.
2. 60% of you are from Alaska.
3. At least 5 of you are related to me. One of you is my mom, who has admitted that my blog makes her nervous so her visits are infrequent. What's up with that mom?
3. I have one dedicated reader from Germany. Atleast I think it's the same person. Guten Tag!
4. I believe most of you get here intentionally through other Alaskan blogs.
5. 26 of you subscribe through Google Reader.
6. The most searched phrase in Google that leads to my blog actually has nothing to do with my blog. It is always some form of this "Lay off me I'm starving + Chris + Farley + Saturday Night Live" in which they end up with this post. Sorry dudes, I don't think that is what you were looking for. Maybe try YouTube.
7. The funniest Google search that led to this blog was "Fell out of bed dead leg" for which I am deeply sorry that I could not help and somewhat curious if this person found the information he was looking for on the internet.

I originally set up this blog to keep track of pictures and trips I have done in Alaska and to share them with friends and family who are so far far away, but it has become more than that. It has become a creative outlet for me in a world where I don't get to be very creative (read: I am a Software Engineer). So, as little of you that are out there, I wanted to thank you for coming back here every week to read my stories because knowing that people keep coming back motivates me to keep this going.

I would like to know more about you. Who are you and what is it that brings you here?


welshcyclist said...

Only recently discovered your blog, but I enjoy it. Why have I kept coming back ? I think probably envy more than anything, not in a bad way though. You have access to so much beauty in scenery, and wildlife etc., that I want to experience them too. I cycle here in Wales, part of the UK, not that the scenery here isn't beautiful as well, and I love it, but it's not as wild. Keep your blog going, cheers and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
Diolwch yn fawr, that's thankyou very much in my native language Welsh.

Anonymous said...

Living in the eastern lower 48 your blog and others provide a series of personal views of Alaska, a place I will eventually visit. Photos and descriptions of climbing, skiing, riding bikes, hiking are cool to see and inspirational as well.

Wasatch Girl said...

Just out of curiosity, what analytics tool do you use?

Tim said...

I read your blog to see what you're up to, and to make sure you're not making fun of my blog!

Julie said...

Well aparantly my readers are shy. Or maybe not reading this at all and just looking at the pictures (I do that on some blogs :).

Well thanks to those who replied!

welshcyclist - I would love to see pictures of the scenery in Wales. I imagine it's much greener that it is here.

decsyst - You should visit! I used to live in PA and coming to Alaska has changed my life.

Wasatch girl - I use SiteMeter, just the free version seems to be adequate, but if you blog for a living they have an upgraded version you can pay for.

Tim - I would never! :)

Karen Travels said...

I am karen, and I am a blogaholic. lol. No, I discovered your blog from Jill's a year ago, before I moved to Anchorage. I have you linked on my blog. I come to see your amazing adventures that I would never do - like ice climbing. You amaze me!!

Holger said...

Hi Julie,
yes I am from Germany. I read your blog because I like Alaska and people doing some little outdoor adventures in there freetime like I do.
Rock on

corinne said...

I link to you from Alaska bike girl and enjoy seeing what other people are doing in Anchorage. thanks.

Kris said...

Hey, i was wondering if i could get your email address. I really like your blog and would like to ask you something.


Amber said...

I found your blog off of Tim's (and his I just read to make sure he doesn't say anything bad about me).
Yours I just like your adventures. And to see if your up to anything fun that I want to tag along with. =)

Anonymous said...


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