Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have to admit...

... last night I skipped out on a ride because it was too cold. Yes, I know, the same girl who says she loves when the temperature hovers around zero. The same girl who spends her weekends playing on ice. The same girl who enjoys being buried in the snow after falling on her skis.

Maybe I'm becoming soft. Maybe I'm freaked out by Kim's frostbitten toes. I don't know what happened, but eating popcorn and watching Lord of the Rings with Brian just seemed more appealing. And when Brian told me that he heard it was -16 out there last night, I did not regret my decision.

So when does recreating in the cold cross the line between being tough and being stupid? I'm not sure. There is a temperature at which, when reached, it stops being fun. I'm not sure exactly what that temperature is, but I do know it's somewhere in the ballpark of a temperature that causes sweat to freeze upon hitting the surface and causes women to grow beards of frost. How is a girl supposed to look cute with a beard? Come on people.