Friday, February 6, 2009

So... much... fun

I had my first ride on a snow bike on Saturday at the Frigid Bits race. Carlos let me ride his beautiful bike. Well, let me just say that Brian was right when he said that I don't need one.

But man, I want one. Riding in the snow on a bike that was designed for snow might just be the most fun one can have on a bike. Here's why:

1. I can roll over everything. Eve-ry-thing. Rocks, big piles of snow, holes, ice, roots, dogs, babies... you name it.
2. I feel tall. I'm not sure why this is an advantage, but being up there on those fat wheels makes me feel important... like I could win a race. Not true, but a bit of delusion never hurt.
3. I can actually keep up with those other fools, well almost.
4. I figured out pretty quickly that to make fast turns all I have to do is slam on the back break, slide the back wheel out and around the corner I go. No need to really slow down. It's almost like doing a ski turn.
5. I feel as if I'm floating...
6. When I get back to the Frigid Bits burn barrel, people say things like, "Nice bike!" and "Sweet ride, when did you get it?" and "I love the color of your bike." instead of staring in silence or whispering things like, "Why is her light duct taped to her handlebars?" or "Who told this homeless chick she could join us?"

Okay I'm exaggerating a bit. So, now that Christmas is over, I pretty much have everything I need for ice climbing as far as gear goes (wow that only took 3 years) and I have started a fat bike fund of sorts. I should have enough in it by the fall to do something with it. Until then Carlos said I could ride his bike in all of the Saturday night races.

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Tim said...

No one really NEEDS a mountain bike, or a suspension fork, but they're damn fun to have. So is a fat bike. So you do "need" one!