Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ladies of the Ice

Since I just started this blog and we've been here for awhile, I have a bit of a backlog. And since nothing particularly interesting is happening TODAY. I give you this.. ladies of the ice. Where else but in Alaska can you find 4 woman who are willing to drive two hours, strap on 40 pound packs, and ice climb for 8 hours on any given day?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The ice is melting...

... yet another good reason for you to visit Alaska now. So I started this blog to keep everyone up to date with what Brian and I are doing in Alaska, and hopefully to convince some of you to visit. I've been posting pictures on Picasa lately and sending out emails but it doesn't seem to be working. :)

On another note, strange but interesting things have been happening to us since we moved here. Moose in the front yard, broken bones, bear encounters, snow caves, plane crashes, trips with odd looking people... just to name a few. Hopefully I can relay some of these stories to all of you and document them at the same time in this blog.

Inevitably now that I have started this blog, all of the interesting happenings will cease. I'll have to resort to boring stories about our everyday lives, with titles like, "Brian fixed the Sump Pump!" or "I planted a potato" or the ever popular "Kim brought over a bottle of scotch and we missed our hike.. again". But hopefully that won't happen.

Here is a link to pictures of our latest trip... it was a glacier traverse across the Chugach Mountains in early May. Enjoy! (Oh, and BTW I did not take these pictures, they kinda suck, Brian and I both forgot our cameras.)

Speaking of trips with odd looking people...
The Eklutna Traverse