Friday, February 20, 2009

Red Shirt Lake

Brian, Laura, Niko, Aly and I skied 8 miles out to a cabin on Red Shirt Lake last weekend. It was fun, but not ideal. If you plan on heading out to the Nancy Lakes area in winter anytime soon, there are a few things you should know:

1. I would say if I'm going to ski with a big pack on 8 miles out to a cabin, next time I would stay more than one night. Especially when my heals are bleeding from bad boots.

2. There are way too many snow machines out there. We were looking for a weekend of solitude in the woods and we found exhaust and loud noise.

3. The scenery is pretty with all of the snow, but not spectacular.

4. The cabins on Red Shirt Lake are kind of creepy, with huge windows with no curtains, where at night you can't see out, but people lurking around in the woods can see in.

5. There is nothing in these cabins. No lanterns, stoves, pots, utensils, nothing! Pack in everything you need.

6. My dog is cute.

7. Don't forget your giant salami.


Tim said...

Damn, the Monkee's got himself one BIG salami!

Karen Travels said...

GREAT post. Sometime I wished I was staying another winter to do some more winter related things that I only dabbled into this year!

Julie said...

So the Monkee wanted me to clarify that he has a giant peperoni, not a salami.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this RSL post. I have found if you can do the trip on a weekday you can cut the machine problems down by 90%. If you go later or earlier in the year the area is skiable but not open to the machines so that can also work if you do not want to have to use your gas mask and ear protection.