Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunshine Ridge

Not much time to post because I have to go to sleep, but Sunday I got out with a group to play around on Sunshine Ridge. It was sunny as advertised, but really windy and cold and we were on the most exposed climbs on the Turnagain Arm.

Still it was a fun day out with my now regular climbing partners. Joe and Craig... quit yapping and gits to climbing!

Justin... our rope gun. (Currently the only one of us who leads)

Joe pulling an overhang...

Some random but nice people from Colorado...sorry you have discovered our crappy South Central Rock.

Even though it was cold, the views do not dissapoint...

It's funny how climbing in the gym all summer can give you a false sense that you are a good climber. Unfortunately I have been pretty uncomfortable climbing on real rock this year. After I get comfortable here, I'd like to do my first rock lead, but first I need to get some laps in and work through this fear.

More to come...oh yeah, and my bike is built, more on that when I have a minute...

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