Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climbing at Ravine Lake

Jill, Ben and their friend Mary Mae called Friday night and said they were heading up the Glen Highway to camp at King Mountain and climb at Ravine Lake the next day. I've been wanting to try climbing out in some of these areas outside of Anchorage for awhile, so I drove up Saturday to meet them.

None of us knew this area even existed. A few miles after Chickaloon, you turn off onto an old dirt road that goes 3 miles to Bonnie Lake and all along the way there are cliffs that you can climb.

We were hoping to find some more quality (less crumbly) rock than we climb on the Seward Highway, but alas that did not happen. This was part of the scree field that led up to the climbs. That boulder was actually sitting in the road.

We attempted to find a trail up in the woods near the lake, but ended up doing a scrambling, scree hike, buswhack up the side of the steep ravine that leads up from the lake.

The view from the top...

Ben led while the girls basked in the sun...

Then we played around on three different climbs for a few hours...

After we finished climbing we headed back to their campsite for some beers, sausages and corn on the cob... aren't they cute?

I ended up driving home late that night, because Sunday I wanted to get our house in order and plant my garden because we are leaving for vacation next weekend! Ahhh, the sky was still lit up at 11 PM on my drive home...

Starting this Saturday we will have two weeks of actual vacation. Brian and I were talking and we discovered that we have not had two full weeks of vacation since we moved here. AND we are actually traveling in Alaska! Crazy!

This will be my first Alaska trip (not work related) that I have to fly to. All of our other trips have been on the road system. I know it's really sad, but it's expensive to fly in Alaska and most of my money has gone to flying back home for Christmas and weddings and taking trips in the lower 48.

So I'm pretty excited, more on this in a few days.

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