Sunday, May 2, 2010

Midtown Bike and Beer Tour

During this transition from Winter to Summer that some like to call Spring, we are often lost about how to spend our time.

Do we hang on to winter and go skiing and hope we find the elusive stash of powder that somehow survived warm temps and hid from direct sunlight? Sometimes.

Do we look forward to warmer days and try to get outside summer style? We try, but we often get our feet wet falling through a failed ice bridge, get stuck in the mud on a trail that hasn't dried out yet or freeze our fingers while clinging to rock that hasn't had time to warm up yet.

Or do we just stop fighting it and drink beer? Generally we go with this last option.

Friday night bike and beer tour. We toured around the midtown area, me on my Pugsley for lack of another vehicle, stopping at various bars along the way. A perfect way to spend a spring time evening.


Julie said...

That looks like my kind of way of celebrating break up! Nice!

JordyB said...

How did I not hear about this bike/beer tour. Maybe next time!

Notorious T said...

That was a fun night. Nice pics, too.

Julie said...

Jordy you should join us on the next one. I think Brian has a Spenard tour planned, sort of a pick up where we left of at Blue Central kind of thing. From there to Spenard Roadhouse, the Buckaroo, Bear Tooth, etc.

I'd like to do a south anchorage tour and work in Midnight Sun. We'll keep you posted!

Alexa said...

also love bike & beer tours. we did one last friday but mostly went to dinner and then to the buckaroo and then a wild ride home. yeeooow!