Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Am I really doing this again?

I know I said I'd never build a bike again. I'm just not very good at it. I'm clumsy and I get frustrated pretty easily. I like the idea of my new bike arriving at my house all shiny and put together.

But well, I want to try out a 29er AND Brian has a small Salsa Dos Niner frame AND it's orange AND it's basically a hard tail, but has one inch of travel in the back AND it's cheaper than buying a new frame AND there is a big sale on jenson usa right now so I basically got all the parts I need (excluding the frame) for under 1000 dollars.

There are also great advantages to putting a bike together yourself, for example, the satisfaction that you feel in the end, but most importantly you really know how your entire bike works and are able to fix it easily if you need to, say, when your forty miles into the interior of Alaska and there is no one around to tell you why your bike won't shift into granny gear and your legs are tired from mashing your pedals up hill after hill. (I bet Tim is cringing right now at all of my run on sentences)

All of the parts have been ordered, so the answer is yes, I am doing this again. Hopefully with the help of Brian and Tim this time so that I can get it working smoothly. I told them I would pay them in beer. I know they can't say no to that.

It's exciting to think that in a few weeks I will have a new 29er!


Heather Macomber said...

Love it! Great plan! Pretty soon I'll be paying YOU in beer to help me fix my bikes or keep them in shape. :o)

Notorious T said...

If we drink beer while building the bike, we'll have that baby running like a dream by July!

Julie said...

it's orange!!! that is all you need for motivation to build a bicycle!

Julie said...

Julie you know me too well for us only having spent 24 hours together!