Monday, October 12, 2009

Fruita Day 3 - Mary's , Steve's and Handcuffs

After a few hours of trying to wake up and much cajoling and peer pressure from Tim, we finally got out the door on Saturday to ride. It would be our seventh straight day of riding and needless to say we didn't have much energy or enthusiasm.

But we knew it was our last day to ride in Fruita, so Heather and I eventually gave in. The ride proposed would be pretty mellow and the weather was perfect, so we couldn't say no. Huber was out due to a crooked back, Monkee and Tim Kelly were off to do a more difficult route in the same area, and the others had already headed back home.

So Tim, H and I planned to do Mary's Loop to Steve's to Handcuffs and then ride back out on the road. The parking lot was crowded when we arrived because it was Saturday. I crawled on the bike fully prepared to be hit with a wall of pain as we pedaled up the first big climb.

But the pain didn't come. I was tired, yes, but my legs felt surprisingly strong and my mood was good. My new rental bike in Fruita was a perfect fit and after practicing technical riding all week I now felt like I belonged on the bike. I didn't feel clumsy or awkward and I didn't want to be anywhere else.

I was sad that the vacation was ending. I was sad because we had such a good time with a great group of people. Because I Laughed more this week than I have in a long time. Because my mountain bike skills jumped up so many level and I wanted to continue to practice to see how far I could go. Because waking up in the morning knowing that all I have to do that day is ride a bike makes me happy.

Because the bike I was riding was awesome and I didn't want to give it up...

The last few miles on the road back to the car I was torn. I was exhausted, but wanted to keep riding. I don't know when I will get back to this area, but I hope it is soon, because I have more business to take care of here. I'm not done with you Fruita.


Anonymous said...

"...much cajoling and peer pressure from Tim..." Mo-ther Skippy. That's the best euphamism I've seen in ages. I might have said, "rabid dog with a bone."

Grill Meister said...

I just finished reading your posting and viewing the photos from the Moab/Fruita adventure. Great job Julie. It was fun reminiscing on the trip.

I have to say that the smile on your face for the whole week isn't reflected to well in your writing. Some of it sound likes you were scared alot of the time. But I just want to let anyone else who might read these comments know that I can verify how much fun you had. And how much you improved in a week.

bikegirl said...

I've got to get back to Fruita... and take the bike I love!