Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moab Day 2 - Klondike Bluffs & Baby Steps

We rode the Klondike Bluff trail and Baby Steps today. The memory card in my camera died early on in the ride, so I couldn't take pictures and lost all of the photos I took before that. These pictures were taken by the two Tims.

So far Moab has been fun but challenging, and the rides we did today were considered easy to moderate on the Moab scale. On the Julie scale they were challenging.

It doesn't help that I'm carrying around 10 extra pounds that I have tacked on since surgery. But mostly it's the ledges. Here's me watching Brian drop down a medium sized ledge (that's medium on my scale, probably small for most). I rode up to it three times and could not get myself to drop off. I eventually walked down.

Later I tackled a few ledges of the same size, but mostly by accident.

So far my opinion on Moab is that it's beautiful, fun, and a little bit scary.