Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

For some reason I am at a loss for words about the Frigid Bits Halloween party last night. I didn't dress up this year because I've been sick all week and just didn't have the energy to put a costume together, but I'd say Brian made up for my lack of costume. I won't be posting any of them here, but if you really want to see you can log on to You have to be a member to see photos I think, so you'll have to reaaaaallly want to see them.

Quick update. It hasn't snowed in town yet and it's November already. We've been doing our usual boring October stuff around the house. Now that things are freezing up, ice climbing season should be starting soon! I have been in the climbing gym a lot trying to get strong. My Pugsley is almost ready to build (probably next weekend). Today we are on the couch recovering from Halloween. That pretty much sums up what's been going since we got back from Moab.

Stay tuned.

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sean said...

Brian was rather 'lacking' of a costume as well, technically.......