Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moab Day 5 - Intrepid Trails

Most of the group agreed that after many hard days of riding in a row, it was time for an easy day. Tim got a tip from a guy at one of the bikes shops about the Intrepid Trail in Deadhorse State Park. He said it was a mellow singletrack ride around the rim of a canyon that was suitable for beginners, or people who were really f-ing tired.

That was us.

My camera battery died after the Sovereign Trail photo shoot and I forgot to bring the charger, but Tim let me borrow his spare camera. I barely had the strength to roll up the baby hills on this ride, so I didn't put much effort into picture taking this day.

It was exactly what we needed. The trail was about nine miles long with many stops along the way to look out over edge of the canyon.

There were only a few baby technical sections, but I managed to crash more times on this day than any other day we've rode in Moab.

Towards the end of the ride there were a few miles of smooth, fast and flowy singletrack. I was trying out some move that I learned while watching the downhillers on the movie "The Collective". Something about putting your knee out to the side to balance when going around a curve. I figured if I did that I didn't need to slow down into this curve. Note to self: I am not in the movie "The Collective", nor will I ever be.

I crashed right on the sticker I put on my helmet a few months ago that says, "Wear a Helmet, Live to Ride Another Day" courtesy of the Alaska Brain Injury Network. Thanks helmet and thanks Alaska Brain Injury Network for reminding me.

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