Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Studs, studs, studs

In the winter in Alaska there is ice everywhere. Ice on the roads, ice on the trails, ice on the tundra, ice on the rocky cliffs. So we put studs on everything. Studded tires on our cars, studded tires on our bikes, studs on our mountaineering boots (well crampons), and now studs on our running shoes.

Team in Training had a shoe clinic at Skinny Raven last week to aid us in getting the right shoes for training in the winter in Alaska... Naturally I end up with the most expensive pair of sneakers I tried on. They are made by Icebug and they have built in studs. Hearty studs, the kind that make a lot of noise when you run and scare off any shady early morning prowlers in the woods. No need for dogs or bear spray.

Now I stomp around the trails every morning with confidence in my big bad studded shoes.

Sorry Brian, you may have thought this was a post about you and your biking such luck. :)

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