Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best and Worst of 2007

January - Return from PA to darkness and piles and piles of snow!

Leading Ripple! (I don't actually have a picture of my lead, but here is the climb)

Also, adopting the Tasmanian Devil, oh no wait, that's our kitten Migsy

February - Laura Z. visits and we try to sway her to move here from NYC (Still pending...)

March - Cat Skiing...

...and Ski train!

April - The amazing Eklutna Traverse

...with a scary ending

May - Moving into the new House! With a hot tub!

June - Sitting on top of Bold Peak (3rd times a charm)

...and Whithorse for the Solstice, my first drive on the Alcan Highway AND mountain biking for 24 hours... well not really.

July - Mom and Angie visit!

.. and Brian catches a KING!

Mount Marathon - best race evah...

... worst hat evah.

August - Brian finishes the Soggy Bottom 100

Rock climbing!

September - Visiting Brian's brother and his wife, Christine in Michigan

October - Adopting Niko("Lucky")

November - Winter Biking!

December - First Christmas that we stayed in Alaska and a visit from the Garcias

Yesterday... skiing in Eagle River