Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Welcome

Getting out the door every night to exercise has become increasingly more difficult. For one, I have been feeling the affects of the darkness pretty hard this year. I have not been able to get out of bed before 8 am, I have felt sluggish and unmotivated all day, and when I get home I just feel like pulling the blanket over my head and hanging out with my peeps on the couch.

Second and most important, I don't have any goals right now. I know I want to climb, ski and ride my bike a lot this winter, and I want to build my aerobic capacity so that I have a big base to work with in the spring and summer, but I'm not signed up for any races and don't have any big climbs planned, so I really have nothing to work towards.

I know if I get out the door for at least and hour I will feel better, and I have, but I really have to push myself to get out there. I always struggle with this time of year because I feel like we are waiting forever for winter to get started. When will there be enough snow to ski on and when will the ice form up.

It snowed a few more inches today, and that has helped tremendously. It makes the darkness a little less harsh. Things are brightening up. I have heard rumors of people ice climbing already.

I'm starting to think about a few goals I might want to set for myself this winter and hopefully can begin to formulate a plan. I need a good hard challenge to work towards.

Tonight Niko and I went out for a run. I even got to wear my studded sneakers. Then I made a big pot of beef stew and had a beer to welcome the winter. It's about time.