Monday, November 30, 2009

Check this out!

When we got back from Moab in October, Tim encouraged me to send one of my photos to Dirt Rag Magazine. I actually sent three of them, but didn't expect to see them in the magazine.

Then about a week ago, Tim's brother (who was also on the trip) told me that he had received this months issue of Dirt Rag and that one my photos from Moab was published on page 67. I was so excited that I rushed over to REI to get a copy, but then I realized it wouldn't be in the stores for another week and I would have to wait to see it.

Today it was there, check it out, it's a full page! On the right is the same photo that I framed. It's Brian on the Sovereign Trail.

I also had so many more photos that I liked from that day that I put together a little collage.