Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time is running out

Two more days until I go under the knife. Last night I got out climbing with a bunch of coworkers who have been itching to get outside on real rock. It turned out to be a sunny, hot night, perfect for hanging out at Upper Pivot point.

I don't know why but climbing always gets put on the back burner in the summer for me. I guess it's because there is not a lot of really big inspiring rock in Southcentral Alaska so there is nothing for me to shoot for. I tend to need to set big goals when it comes to sports and just playing around in a crag isn't really a goal.

But it is freaking fun! And I wish I would have done it more this summer.

But time is running out. Tonight I plan on doing a hike somewhere and then maybe a bike ride tomorrow, just to get a little bit of everything in.

Miraculously the summer weather is holding on, making this one of the best summers since Brian and I moved to Alaska. Check out these blue skies in August!

To tell you the truth, I am beat. Because summer is so short (and it could start raining for weeks at any time now) Alaskans like to pack a ton of trips and activities into every week, with no time to relax. That way when fall rolls around, we are tired and satisfied and ready for a little break.

This summer was no exception and since we had so many nice warm days, we got out more than usual. We never knew when summer would be taken away from us, so we just kept heading out the door.

But it definitely wore on me. I've been sleeping for 9 or 10 hours a night now and still waking up feeling tired. It's time for the crash, so I guess I scheduled my surgery at the right time.

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Notorious T said...

Heal quickly. There's a whole week of summer scheduled in Moab in less than two months!