Monday, August 24, 2009

My domestic weekend

I started taking Vicodin on Thursday afternoon because I feared the pain. I knew it was coming. I remember the last time I had surgery, the day after was the worst day of my life. I was determined to keep the pain under control this time, so I started in on the Vicodin a few hours after surgery.

I'm not sure how people get addicted to this stuff. I mean, yes, I was a bit giggly and taking naps in the middle of the day which was nice, but the side effects are awful! Like the non-stop itching. I got zero sleep on Thursday night because I was up all night SCRATCHING MYSELF EVERYWHERE. I googled "Vicodin itching" on Friday and yep, there it was. So I stopped taking the Vicodin Friday night and switched to Ibuprofen.

The pain never came. I thought wow this Ibuprofen really works. But then I thought, maybe there is no pain. So I stopped taking the Ibuprofen. No pain.

So I'm doing well. I still haven't seen my foot yet! I'm not allowed to take the bandage off until I go back to the doctor tomorrow. My brother joked that maybe now my toe would be sticking straight up in the air. Ha.

I can only be up for about an hour at a time, so I made a point to get something done or doing something fun every time I got up from the recliner. Here are a few things I did this weekend I am calling "My domestic weekend". If you are bored by all of this you might want to check back in a month or so when I'm allowed to walk without this damn boot and for more than an hour.

I picked raspberries out in our backyard...

And made jam!

I helped Brian make a raised bed for my garden next year! Probably was not supposed to be walking around in dirt with my boot, but I couldn't resist.

I organized my pantry! This will make all the cooking and baking I plan on doing very easy.

I made beef stew with sage dumplings and ate it with Brian... he's smiling because he's drinking his new favorite beer Tilborg Dutch Brown Ale.

I made banana pancakes on Sunday morning and we smothered them with jam.

I'm trying to figure out how I ate half a jar of jam in two days? Also, if I'm doing all of this cooking and eating, but no exercise how am I going to burn all of this off?

I also read some books, and stocked up on more at the bookstore. This domestic stuff is not so bad! I haven't spent this much time in the house since my last major injury. It's nice. I suspect I will tire of it soon though.

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