Sunday, August 9, 2009

Relaxing at Crow Pass

This weekend we spent some time in the cabin at Crow Pass. The plan was to backpack the whole trail this weekend, but Brian ended up possibly having to work on Saturday night, Laura was sick and didn't want to hike the whole thing, and our friends Andy and Karen just found out they are expecting a baby and didn't want to push it too hard.

So, that left me to hike through. Since I didn't really feel like going it alone, we chose to relax and explore the area around the cabin at Crow Pass.

I have been through here a few times and have been wanting to stay in the cabin every time I pass by, so this year I got online six months ago and reserved the cabin. That's the only way you can do it, especially on a weekend.

This is a pretty popular hiking trail. We saw tons of hikers but luckily they didn't start until later in the day Saturday so in the morning we had the whole area to ourselves.

Niko and Andy and Karen's dog Chena had tons of fun playing on the tundra for hours. Niko deserved a weekend out after being left at home during all of my training rides this spring and summer. It's time for me and Niko to spend some time hiking.

But not for long, because I have surgery for my toe next week. I want to spend as much time in the mountains for the next ten days as I can. After the 20th it will be four long weeks of recovery.

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