Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Orca Island and My Healthy Appetite

This blog is in danger of becoming a food blog. I made a batch of homemade soft pretzels the other night. Brian came home and had that "What's for dinner?" look on his face. He knows to never ask this out loud, but really, we all know who does the cooking around here.

"Beer and Soft Pretzels!" I said.

I thought this would get some sort of reaction out of him, but he just said, "Okay" and served himself two pretzels on a plate with a side of potato salad, like it was a balanced meal. Guys are great like that sometimes. A dinner of beer and pretzels seems perfectly normal.

This blog is also in danger of becoming a weight lost blog because then I proceeded to eat three of them in about 10 minutes, washed them down with two beers and had a huge ice cream sundae (with cookies mixed in) for dessert. What can I say, I eat when I'm bored.

Let's focus. Since no new adventures will be happening for a little while, here are some pictures from three days I spent on Orca Island back in July that I never posted.

It's a bit pricey to stay on the island, but definitely worth it. The island is small, just a pile of rocks, a few yurts and a dock.

A bunch of Laura's friends from New York were visiting so we shelled out the cash to stay in a yurt on Orca Island for a few days. This was my taper week before the Soggy Bottom.

It was a fun few days, even though we got trapped in the yurts for most of the weekend. It was nice to hang out with East Coast peeps again. A good dose of the East Coast sense of humor is necessary several times a year when living so far away. I fear that being too far from it for a long time is a putting me dangerously close to losing it forever.

Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there. Remember back in July when Seward was flooded? Yep that's the week we stayed on Orca Island. But the kayaking is amazing here regardless of the weather. The misty rain gave our nighttime kayaking excursion an eerie effect.

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