Thursday, July 9, 2009

My "interesting" fit

I was told after the 24 hours of Matanuska that my positioning on the bike looked "interesting". Naturally, my stubborn self was like, "WTF? I look good on the bike! Why is everyone analyzing my position? My position is awesome."

But then I saw this picture of myself riding that night and thought, Hmm, interesting....

Very interesting...

...and not so awesome.

I had scheduled a fitting for my mountain bike awhile back, but I thought they would just make small changes in order to make my pedaling more efficient. Boy, was I wrong. Dead wrong.

I went to Chain Reaction yesterday and went through the whole fitting process, which took about an hour and a half.

They changed everything! I was set up ALL WRONG. I had no idea how much thought goes into fitting a bike correctly. I'm new at this.

After the changes were made and I was pedaling on the trainer in the shop, I felt so different on that bike. I was more comfortable, AND more powerful. It felt... natural. I have never felt natural on a mountain bike. I always felt like I was struggling and I guess after awhile my body just adjusted to that to allow me to ride for long periods of time.

I left the shop all smiles, and took the bike up to Hillside and rode the STA singletrack. Holy shit! (Sorry mom) but I climbed those trails like never before. It was... so... easy. Easy? Yes.

This is me talking who loves to whine about climbing.

I'm just saying, getting fitted is my new favorite thing to do.

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