Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm not going to Fruita

After much consideration, I have canceled my trip to Fruita. There were many factors that led me to this decision, but mainly because I didn't want to be traveling for 5 days in order to ride 2 days.

A huge snow storm came through Denver, where we were supposed to fly into this afternoon, and where Brian and the rest of the crew that went ahead are now stuck. I was supposed to come back next Tuesday, and the rest of them were staying for 10 days, so a few days of waiting to ride is not really a big deal for them.

For me it would have been a big hassle. So I got a refund of 25,000 miles which I plan on using at the end of May to go down to Washington state for a music festival and then over to PA to see my friend's Tammy and Brad get married.

I think I made the right decision but was feeling really bad last night after canceling my flight. I worked extra hours this week in order to not have to take much paid vacation, so now I have a long weekend to play with.

I used today to start work on a website that I have been thinking about starting up for awhile (details later).

I plan on getting out tomorrow for a long ride in the morning before the sloppy mess that is April comes to town. With the (relatively) warm temperatures, it seems like these will be the last few days of snow biking of the season. I'm looking into getting some slick tires for my mountain bike so that I can train on the paved trails while we wait for the dirt trails to dry out for a few weeks.

That's all right now, I just heard from Monkee and he and the Palmer crew have made it one hour west of Denver and got stuck so are in a hotel near Breckenridge. It may just turn into a ski vacation with all that new snow.

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Tim said...

Sorry. But better to be here and not riding Fruita than stuck in Denver not riding Fruita -- especially if Redoubt could end up keeping you in Denver and burning even more vacation days.

Just keep thinking two words: Moab, October.