Monday, March 23, 2009

Beware of the man with the camera

You can never be sure when he will strike, but if you've had a few beers and are acting like an idiot around a burn barrel after a winter bike race, you can be almost certain Tim will post a picture of you on his blog. The flashing light coming from his face should have tipped us off, but we were already too far gone to care.

The last Frigid Bits ride was an entirely new course never ridden by most of us before. It took us through the bowels of Spenard in Anchorage, in which we were harassed by the homeless on the railroad tracks, rode dangerously close to a tent that someone was sleeping in, maneuvered our fat bikes over glare ice, dodged a moose, and had a few swigs from a flask underneath a shady underpass. It was a truly unique ride for Frigid Bits, but eerily resembled a typical day of bike commuting in Anchorage.

We ended up back at the Frigid Bits burn barrel at West Chester Lagoon to close the season of winter racing with burnt pizza (well at least mine was), grilled nachos and lots of beer.

There we reminisced about past events, rubbed butts to keep warm, told stories that we will probably regret telling in front of a crowd, and rolled the final burn barrel in the newly fallen "spring" snow all while Tim documented it with his camera. Thanks Tim, you actually got some great shots and thanks Carlos for another great winter of events!

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