Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What is that?

I woke up this morning to a strange light coming in my window. It was yellow in color and really bright. "What is that?" I asked Brian, but he was still asleep. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. More of that same yellow light. It made me feel.. happy. It made me want to go outside and play. What could it be?

The @#$%ing sun! That's what it was... Right there, out in the open. In the sky. The BLUE sky. Wow. I never thought I'd see it again. Really. I wasn't sure how much time we had with it so I ran upstairs and pulled some pants over my pale white legs, threw my backpack on and got on my bike. Unfortunately I had to ride to work, but I wanted to get there as fast as I could so that I could get out early before the sun went away.

This is what this summer has come to. It has rained every day for the past 17 days. And I'm not talking that misty Anchorage rain that can only add up to 2 inches for the month. Real rain. It has made me realize how much I take the sun for granted. I mean, in the winter you expect to not see it, so you are prepared for it. But it's July, the "hottest" and "sunniest" month of the year.

I got out of work at 4 and played for as long as I could in the sun... I've decided to start combining my sports as much as I can. I wanted to go up to the top of the Wedge today, but also get a bike ride in, so Brian and I biked out the Powerline trail and then veered off onto a side trail that heads across the valley towards Hidden Lake. It was a perfect day. No wind, no rain, only a few clouds to keep it from getting too hot.

It was good to get back on a rocky trail. I've been practicing riding over rocks. I usually end up just cursing at them, a lot, but today I did better. Sunday I rode the Gold Mint Trail up in Hatcher's Pass in the pouring rain. Rocks. Rain. Bikes. Usually not a great combination for me, but I suppose it's getting easier.

Anyway, we stashed our bikes when the trail got too steep and rocky, and hiked steadily a few more miles and about 3000 more feet of elevation to the top of the Wedge. It was so clear and calm at the top that we could see mountains for miles in every direction. And the sun hung out in the sky just long enough for us to run back to the bikes and ride back to the car. I think we covered about 13 miles total.

It was like we were let out of jail to enjoy our few hours of exercise for the month. We knew it wasn't going to last so we tried to enjoy it while it did. And forget about the fact that soon we would probably be locked back in by the clouds. It's midnight now and not raining yet. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep without the sound of rain outside the window.

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