Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's to the Anchorage biking community

I find myself wanting to ride my bike more and more these days. Partly because I can see myself improving and partly because the people of the mountain biking community in Anchorage are drawing me in.

Before the attack at the 24 hour race I was having the time of my life. I was riding better than ever and the atmosphere at the starting line was fantastic. Even though I was the slowest one on the team, everyone was super supportive and we were just having an all around good time. Even when I fell off of my bike in the transition area, everyone cheered. Their were even many bikers there that just came to volunteer or hang out. To cheer on their peers who have cheered them on before.

After the attack I was amazed to hear how the people who found the girl and the race directors handled it. They were calm and did exactly what it took to save the girl's life, all the while risking their own lives in an area where a bear attack had just occurred. I am truly impressed by the quick action they took and am honored to be a part of this community. It makes me feel safe to know that the people around me can handle a situation so smoothly.

Naturally there has been an outpouring of support for the girl and her family. She is in the hospital and is doing better. It is great to hear that she is going to be okay. I continue to think about her all the time.

I am surprised at how many people have contacted me, to see how I am doing. Nothing actually happened to me, but people are worried and supportive and everyone is a little freaked out by this. I have found myself checking akspokes.com a lot to maybe find someone who is feeling the same way I am. It feels good to be a part of a community of caring people. Last week they were just a bunch of knuckleheads that we ride bikes and drink beer with. This week that has changed a bit. Well, some of them are still knuckleheads.

From the Frigid Bits winter races to the Alaska Endurance Series and the Hillside and Kincaid races, this is turning out to be a fantastic year for mountain biking in Anchorage. I look forward to riding with all of you again soon.

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mrs. sarah ott said...

thank you for sharing your afterthoughts on the attacking. i do not ride a bike (it hurts my knees) but I am envious of the undeniable community sense that bikers seem to display. there is mutual passion between alaskan bikers that seems to make all of them instant frieds or at least comrades. anyway, i am very glad to know that such concern is expressed for each other after that tragic incident. i'm also glad to hear she is doing okay.