Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation is over...

I've been traveling all over the place for the past two weeks, so haven't posted much. Here is a summary in pictures of my sister's second visit to Alaska.

They arrived on the 2nd to our 24 hour team BBQing and attempting to finish the keg that was left from the race the week before. Having been freshly watered with Moose's Tooth IPA we decided the best thing to do was go for a midnight bike ride.

The next day it was off to Seward for the big race. Angie and her boyfriend hung around Seward to greet me at the finish line when the race was over.

For two nights we stayed in Sourdough Sue's yurt. This is a luxury yurt as it has electricity, running water, and a bathroom with a shower. We played a modified version of the ever famous "Mystery Shot" game, and discussed the differences of the showering habits of Alaskans versus those of people of the East Coast.

That Saturday we took a boat ride out to Fox Island in Resurrection Bay and did some kayaking. After raining all morning, the sun finally came out again. We feasted on Salmon for lunch and dinner and then headed back to the yurt.

We started calling Angie and her boyfriend wildlife magnets because we saw every animal you could possibly see in Alaska during their trip, including this Brown Bear sow and her cubs munching on salmon on the side of the road near the yurt. This one was a bit too close for comfort for me.

Back in Anchorage for a few days, we hiked Little OMalley peak, road the coastal trail, went to REI, ate at Humpy's and visited the Anchorage Farmer's Market. Here is a picture of Angie's boyfriend glissading down Little O'Malley. I think this was the highlight of his trip. I also think I found my Mt. Marathon snow chute training grounds for next year.

Later in the week we backpacked up to Reed Lakes and camped out at the lower lake. I slept in a one person tent with Niko and stayed up most of the night listening for bears. Yes, my bear paranoia has returned.

Friday Angie and Eric left on a plane back to PA. :(

Friday afternoon, Brian and I took off for the Sheep Mountain and the start of the Fireweed. More on that and the end of my vacation to come...

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