Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exploring Valdez on foot

Bridalveil in summer

After the bike ride Sunday I met up with Brian, who was busy catching salmon, and we headed up to Keystone canyon for a hike. The trail winded up through the forest and eventually topped out on some cliffs that overlooked Bridal Veil falls and Keystone Greensteps.

Bridalveil in winter

We camped at blueberry lake and I was excited to relax in a tent where we weren't surrounded by RVs and teenagers. Just as we were getting ready to go to bed a man that was staying at the campsite next to us said a brown bear just ran through his site. Ahhh, yes, time to relax. Not so much.

Sleep was challenging that night, but I eventually got over it and got a few hours rest. Monday was time to head home, but we stopped at the Worthington glacier for a quick hike with about 500 feet of elevation gain, to get a better view of the glacier. This is a fun trail that has been stomped into the ridge of a giant pile of scree.

And so ended my summer vacation...

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