Friday, April 25, 2008

Kicking off the running season? Nope.

This past weekend I had a lot of big plans. Saturday was supposed to be the kickoff to Anchorage's running season with the Heart Run 5K. My Team was going to do the race as part of a 1 hour run, the race being a tempo run in the middle. I was going to start weeding my garden and getting it ready for planting. Sunday I was thinking since the snow had finally melted off of the trails that I would do a long bike ride around town.

The entire weekend was squashed by 24 inches (yes I said 24) of snow that fell in Anchorage on Friday. Before this, I have never heard the people of Anchorage complain about snow. Most of the people of Anchorage participate in some sort of snow related activity and if not they at least like how the snow makes the town look pretty in the winter. In the winter... but it's almost May.

The Heart Run was canceled. This is only the second time it has ever been canceled. The first time was in the 50s after a volcanic eruption. My garden is now covered in snow yet again, and the same for the bike trails.

I guess I could have started planting some seeds inside and gone for a snow run, but for some reason the new snow just crushed my spirit and I just felt like being snowed in for the weekend. I know, I know, I have been waiting for winter all winter, but it has come too much too late. So I spent the weekend doing my favorite indoor activities. Cooking, baking, reading and watching movies. All weekend.

And I realized I have not spent an entire weekend indoors for a long, long time...

Brian, Niko and I did get out in the backyard to play in the snow for an hour on Friday night. Here are some pictures of the snowman we made.



Jill said...

That snowman has such a confused look on his face ... almost as though he's saying "what am I doing here?"

Adorable. I'm still jealous.

Crank Addict said...

That snowman looks a lot like Brian, dazed and confused!