Thursday, April 3, 2008

Longest Run Finished!

I was kind of sick and feeling lazy this past weekend so I missed my long run, but I got up at 5 am Tuesday to make up for that. This week we ran the longest run in our training program. The taper begins now. I ran for 2 1/2 hours Tuesday morning. The next two weeks our long run will be 2 hours, and after that 1 hour, and then the race the following weekend.

I think my new goal of under 2 hours is doable, just based on how I feel. I'm not basing that on anything remotely close to reality. I have been running in the snow, which uses up a ton of energy, so I don't know what a comfortable pace will be for me on the pavement. I got to run on about 30 yards of pavement on Tuesday and felt like I was really flying. The snow is melting fast, so I am hoping to get in a bunch of pavement runs this month. Wow, I really never thought I would be looking forward to a road run, but the snow is starting to frustrate me. I just want to go fast!

Next week I will buy new race sneakers and break them in over the last three weeks of training. No running in my Icebugs for the race.

Not much else to report, except that I am still about $1500 away from my goal fundraising amount. So if you feel like helping out with that click on the link to the right. Thanks to everyone who donated thus far! I have received some really generous donations.

April is another in between season (like October) where I struggle to find ice climbs that have not yet fallen down, and maybe go for a bike ride or two in the slush. So it's good for me to have running to focus on.

This weekend I plan on running Saturday and searching for ice on Sunday.

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