Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost Chord

Jayme, Dean and I hiked into Hunter Creek yesterday and climbed Lost Chord. 200 feet of Grade IV goodness. This is the climb that I have my eye on as my first Grade IV lead. At the beginning of this season, I thought that might happen this year, but I am realizing now that I have some more work to do.

Jayme led up and Dean and I followed one at a time. It was good to get on the climb to see what I'm in for next season. After yesterday I think I will be able to lead it next winter, but I need to get more comfortable on vertical ice before I try.

It always amazes me how massive the climb looks once you get to the top, and especially while rappelling down. When you are climbing up, you are concentrating hard on your next move, so you really only see a few feet of the climb at a time. Here is the view from the top with Hunter Creek and Dean down below...

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