Friday, April 9, 2010

Little O'Malley

The long days of spring and summer in Anchorage are starting. We now have enough daylight that a decent hike after work is possible. Tonight after work I decided to get out for a run up Little O'Malley.

Niko and I both were thrilled to be out running in the mountains again. Except for a few trips to the rock gym and some easy bike rides, I have been pretty much resting for the past two weeks since the White Mountain race. I was on a huge high after that race.

But I started to feel anxious and down earlier this week. As soon as I start to feel like this I know I need to get out and exercise in the mountains. It's the only cure.

The sun at 7pm is still high in the sky.

Niko and I happy at the top. The best thing about spring hiking is that you don't have to hike down the steep parts. Time to glissade...

This hike up Little O'Malley felt unusually easy and I'm hoping to be able to keep this new level of fitness up for the entire summer. I always read that the bigger the base of fitness you have, the higher the peak will be. I am excited to see how high that peak will be.

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Ted said...

A belated congratulations on an awesome White Mountains 100! The photos and story were also great.