Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bear Point

Hiked with Jill out of Peters Creek today in search of some sunshine. Jill shows some leg...

We found it. It was so sunny I couldn't get the face recognition setting on my camera to work. It's supposed to wait to take the picture until it sees another face in the picture. That's not my face.

That's not either.

Oh well, lets' do cartwheels on this patch of open tundra.

Hooray for sunshine!


Ninny said...

Yet another reason to love the beautiful state of where in the lower 48 can one appreciate the magnitude of the mountain peaks, the utter beauty of sunshine on tundra, and a whole bunch of snow. Glad the new skis are working out for you, too.


Alaena said...

Love the pics! Especially the cartwheel one! Nice to find a fellow AK Blogger. :)