Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm Weather Warning

I giggled when I was watching the news Tuesday night and the first story was "Warm Weather Warning". The temperature goes above freezing and people in Alaska (at least the type of people who recreate in the snow and on the ice) start to panic.

There is a buzz about town that happens every year when we have a warm up in the middle of winter. What if all the snow melts? What if the ice falls down before the Ice Festival? What will we do with our weekends? This is going to create a big mess! Then a few days later the temperature drops, the ice freezes up, the snow begins to fall again and we all take a big sigh of relief in our little bubble of winter happiness.

In all seriousness the warning is really to watch out for ice and snow falling off of roofs and snow melting and freezing at night onto the roads creating dangerous driving conditions, but it's funny to think of all of the winter lovers (including myself) sitting on their couches watching the news with wide eyes thinking, OH NO, NOT WARM WEATHER! It is completely opposite from where I used to live (Philadelphia) and makes me happy to know that I am where I am supposed to be.

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Anonymous said...

We're all so different and it's a good thing that some one some where enjoys the ice and snow and bitter cold. I've heard the expressions "January thaw" before, and it's true...we also get a brief thaw each January. Not this year, sad to report. While you love the winter landscapes, I prefer the heat that warms up these cold bones! Give me 95 F and I am groovin.