Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swimming Update

I'm not that bad at swimming. I figured out if I practice a little bit, I may actually be able to do this AND Enjoy it! I have been swimming three days a week at the YMCA in the...get this... in the morning! Yes that's right I am getting up at 6:45 (early for me) and going to the pool to swim for 45 minutes.

Well, I'm not actually swimming the whole time. A lot of that time is spent resting on the side, or doing some floating drills on my back, but I'm enjoying my time in the pool.

This whole triathlon thing is looking like it may become a reality. I already participate in the other two sports regularly, so if I can figure out how to swim 500 yards in a row, I won't have any excuses left.

And let's face it, people have been telling me I have a swimmers body for years (big Perilla shoulders, not exactly a compliment if you don't actually swim). So it's time I put these Perilla shoulders to work. Time for them to stop hanging around taking up space in my sweaters.

Right now I can only do about two lengths at a time before I feel like I'm going to drown, but that's an improvement on what I started with two weeks ago. My friend Laura who has been swimming her whole life has given me an assignment. I should be able to swim two lengths (50 yards) in 1 minute and then rest for only 10 seconds before doing it again.

That's what I'm working towards right now. Oh and flip turns. I used to be able to do some form of flip turn, but never really knew if I was doing it right. I've actually been afraid to try it lately for fear of catching my little toe on the side or banging my foot and screaming and looking like a fool.

The toe is healing nicely. It's been five weeks since surgery and the doctor said at this point the chance of rupturing it again is pretty much zero. Which means this weekend I'm getting back on the bike in order to get comfortable again, because guess what? I'm leaving for Moab in a little over a week!


Notorious T said...

You mean those shoulders run in the family?!

sean said...

i gave up on flip turns after scraping my back on the bottom of the pool one too many times.

Amber said...

Just to let you know, the pool at the Y is a 25 meter pool.

I looked for you this morning when I swam but didn't see ya. =(