Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lehigh Canal Towpath

Here are some pictures from one of the rides I did in A-town last week. Angie, Eric and I road 20 miles from near my sister's house in Easton, PA to my mom's house in Allentown along the Lehigh Canal Towpath.

The canal was originally built to haul coal throughout the Lehigh Valley. It started with a big hill climb on a road for the first few miles but when we got the tow path it was pretty much flat from there on out.

Notice the green... those plants on the side of the trail are almost as bad as Devil's Club. I brushed up against one and got a stinging sensation from my knuckles all the way up my arm. It didn't go away for about 30 minutes. Later my sister didn't believe me and stuck her entire leg out into a bush, she came back with welts on her leg.

I never noticed how much graffiti there is in PA, it's on everything. These are the kinds of things your recognize after you have not lived in a place for awhile. When you live there it just blends in with the scenery.

We emerged on Front street in Allentown. Not exactly the ideal place to be while riding on a $3700 rented bike. It was interesting to ride through the ghetto of Allentown, we don't really get down there so much these days.

We stopped at the local bar for some beer and appetizers. Good day out!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Hi Julie,
I stumbled on your blog by accident while meandering around other like blogs. Good luck on your recovery, such a freak accident, I've enjoyed your spirit and humor of your way of handling this.