Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going Solo

The 24 Hours of Matanuska race is this Saturday. And hey, after almost having a breakdown and quitting mountain biking completely to live under the trees near Juneau Lake, why not sign up for a 24 hour race? It makes sense to me.

I'm going solo this weekend, but only for the 12 hour version. Noon to midnight on Saturday I'll be riding in circles around a "fun but brutal" 11-ish mile course in the Valley.

I figure this will be a test of my endurance and help me to feel what it's like to be on a bike for that long. I bet it feels awesome. Like a hot soak in a bubbly tub, or the first sip of beer after a hard day out, or like eating a whole apple pie with ice cream.

After that I'm going to drink beer for 12 hours.

Mostly because this girl will be here visiting me...

Laurie Jenkins Smith (or LJ Smith), like the football player, only better and probably stronger, is one of my closest and oldest friends. Her dad was my dad's best friend. This picture describes how much I love her. Laurie is the kind of girl who will always have your back, and she is definitely the girl you want on your side in a fight. We met before we were 1 year old, which means I have known her for 33 years, and she is coming to Alaska tomorrow. I can't wait.

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