Monday, December 15, 2008

Two is not always better than one

I always thought that I wanted to have two dogs. Ya know, they would play with each other and wear each other out. They would snuggle together on the couch and keep themselves warm. We would all be so happy.

And that's how it was the first few days that I have been watching Laura's dog Aly while she spends some time back east. But sometime today when I left her and Niko alone things started to go sour.

Today I came home to Niko's snout all swollen and bleeding. There had been a serious fight here while I was at work, and Niko did not come out a winner this time. Her and Niko don't really have a good track record (Aly bit Niko on the nose at their first meeting), but I thought lately they were getting along.

I thought a nice run would burn off some of their energy, so I harnessed them up, tied them to my belt and took off. The first mile was a mess. A pulling, tangling, barking, yipping, spinning, hair flying, teeth growling mess. Once we got that all sorted out we had a nice run. But I can't imagine doing this every day. Instead of calming each other down, they get all riled up. What if they were children? Nope not ready for that yet.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! I mean...what if they could talk? Then you'd be totally screwed! H

Wasatch Girl said...

Hey... just found your blog because of the link love you gave me on the side. Thanks! I will definitely add you to my blog roll (hopefully today). I am psyched to read your blog. I lived in Denali for about 4 months and *LOVED* it there. I am so envious you are living there full time.

Keep on rockin' on... and good luck with those two dogs. I only have one (a chihuahua) and it definitely made me realize that kids are no where in the future. =)

kevin said...