Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday I spent 7 hours on the phone and online trying to reschedule my flight. My flight down to Seattle was delayed. If I got on that plane I would have missed my connecting flight to Philadelphia. I tried to reschedule the flight to Pennsylvania, but there was not one seat on one flight from Seattle to anywhere on the East Coast until Saturday. Saturday.

So I didn't go and tried to reschedule my flight out of Anchorage online. Nothing until Saturday. I even tried to get to Chicago and then was fully prepared to take the train to Philadelphia. No go, couldn't get to Chicago either. Or anywhere for that matter. Every flight out of Alaska was booked.

Every time I found a flight that I wanted, by the time I clicked on it, it was gone. The flights kept moving farther and farther away in the week and getting more and more expensive. I found flights online through continental and then called them to see if I could reschedule the first part of my flight, but they would not let me. The earliest I could arrive was Sunday.

I got so frustrated that they wouldn't put me on flights that obviously had seats on them that I asked them to give me a full refund. I would book the flight myself online and get something before Christmas.

After 7 hours online and on the phone, I ended up settling on a flight on Friday. It leaves in the morning and I will arrive in Newark, NJ at 10:30 pm.

Before Brian left Monday morning on his flight he was considering canceling for fear of leaving me here alone on Christmas. But as of Monday morning everything looked fine. My flight appeared to be on time and there were no delays in and out of Seattle.

Now I find myself here in Anchorage with three days off from work before I leave and am realizing that it's not that bad. I have a few days to relax and play. Suddenly I am here at home with no responsibility and it's kind of nice.