Saturday, December 20, 2008

Powder - A cure for crazy

I was reluctant to go with Brian down to Turnagain Pass today to meet up with his new ski buddies. I have just been in such a bad mood lately that I didn't think it would be a great introduction. But I really needed to get out(and so did Niko) for a full day in the sun so I went.

It was my first day out skiing in the backcountry this year, so my skinning technique was a little rusty to say the least. Brian and I decided to tell the guys to go ahead on the ascent, and we would hang back and have a mellow day.

My day got worse and worse as the hill got steeper and my skins kept slipping. I fell numerous times despite Brian's attempts to coach me, it just seemed to be getting worse. I looked out at the view and could not enjoy it. Great. A bunch of really beautiful mountains covered in snow. Whatever.

My mood was degenerating as we neared the top where we would take off our skins and ski down. I just could not turn my attitude around. What the hell? Why couldn't I just suck it up and have fun?

We had some sandwiches, took our skins off and I watched Brian start down the slope of creamy white snow. Wow. The powder looked really nice. I pushed off and did one turn and my mood instantly turned around. It was smoothest untouched most beautiful champagne powder I have ever skied in. It was like floating on marshmallows. And I was happy.

Back at the car, tired and happy... who knew that is all it would take.

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