Monday, June 16, 2008


I started doing actual speedwork today. I went the the gym and did intervals of 400m at a pace of 8:30 minute miles. Today I was glad to be on the treadmill. I know that sounds crazy but I never know how fast I am going or how far I am going. The treadmill helps to gauge my fitness and brings me back to reality. That way I can set attainable goals.

My usual routine is this. Make some ridiculously unattainable goal. Train hard, realize I'm kidding myself. Revise my goal. Then succeed. But that whole process of finding out that I never really had a chance in hell of meeting the first goal is a bit demoralizing. But it does give me ideas for the future. I just need to realize it takes time to get there.

Anyway, speedwork. Pretty cool. I ran at the hard pace for 4-ish minutes at at time, then rested. When I went back to my warm up pace of 10 minute miles, it felt reaaaaaally easy. So hey maybe there is something to this stuff they call speedwork.

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