Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday off!

Niko and I hiked up Bird Ridge today and ran down. The original plan was to hit point 3505 and continue along the ridge, but I had forgotten how relentless this hike was, and I got tired. Also, Niko started to run off and traverse across scary slopes once we got close to the top, so we turned around at the point.

This week was kinda dreary in Anchorage so it was good to get out in some sunshine today. The hike starts at the Seward Highway and climbs quickly. This is actually a fun below treeline hike, because it is fairly steep and interesting.

As we climbed up from the Seward highway we stopped a few times to check out the view..

Above the trees the wildflowers are coming out in abundance...

The run down was fun, but I was a bit cautious at the start. There was a lot of loose rock and it's pretty steep. It's amazing how a few falls can quickly cure me of my cautiousness.

We came back and took a well needed nap on the couch.

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