Friday, March 7, 2008

In search of winter

So breakup seems to be happening early this year. It's March, it's 40 degrees, it's raining, and I'm leaving town. Does this sound familiar? I remember these words ringing in my ears in November. Where is winter?

I'm off to Nebesna tomorrow morning for an all girl ice climbing trip. Not that my climbing usually involves any men, but it's fun to get out for a whole weekend with a bunch of lady climbers. Next weekend will be more of the same with the Ice Pixies festival in Valdez.

It's funny how different an opinion of winter people who live in Alaska have. I remember when I lived in the lower 48 I would constantly hear people complain about the cold, the snow, the winter in general. Spring was a welcome change to the considerably milder winter of Pennsylvania. I hated listening to them. I loved the little bit of snow we would get, but it would be ruined by complainers.

It's different here. People are not happy about the winter ending early. We are slowly watching all of our beautiful snow turn to a slushy brown mess. The sky is gray and all of the garbage and gravel is melting out onto the streets and lawns. Winter is ending. The good news is that it's still winter somewhere and I'm hoping to find some of it this weekend.

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Brian said...

I am happy. I don't particularly enjoy this intermediate stage but I am glad spring is showing itself. To Fruita!!