Thursday, January 24, 2008

6 days of Ouray

Adjusting to the sunlight and elevation...the first few days were rough. I think my camera was having trouble adjusting to the sunlight as well.

Our first glimpse of the monstrosity that is Ouray. Kim kept saying, "It really does exist!"

Friday. The crowds started rolling in.

Fundamental Footwork Clinic.. climbing this Grade 4 ice without tools?

Advanced/Intermediate Ice clinic and climbing Grade 5. At the last minute, Ines Papert was added as an instructor.

Saturday - the Mixed Climbing Competition. Ines took second overall and first amongst the women. She makes this look easy.

Watching Kim take a stab at Grade 5. Nice work Vu-dogg!

Sunday we climbed with Ralph, from Anchorage, who is retired and drove down to house sit and spend a month in Ouray. We climbed more Grade 5 ice, but I forgot my camera.

Monday Danika helped us out with leading. The crowds were all gone. A quiet day down in the canyon to soak up all that we have learned.

I am very impressed with this area of the country. South Western Colorado rocks! And it is close to Salt Lake City where their are 7 ski resorts within 30 miles. There is a ton of ice climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing going on there. And they just get pounded with snow in the winter. Before I moved up to Alaska I was thinking about moving to Colorado. Brian and I may end up there at some point!

My climbing has improved so much from this trip. It was like ice climbing boot camp. I will definitely be back to Ouray! I never did get to ski Telluride, the climbing was just too good.

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