Monday, November 26, 2007

Team in Training Update

Quick Team in Training update...I have finished week 3 of the season and things are going well. As you can see on the right I have already raised $540, which is 12% of my goal! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far! I still have 5 months left and may have to get creative to reach my final goal.

Yesterday we had our third practice and we ran for 70 minutes, with a few short pickups in the middle. Unfortunately all of the team practices have been inside at the Subway Track. Running on a track is tedious, especially when two miles is 11 1/2 laps, but the workouts go pretty fast. There are usually little kids (like age 3-5) playing hockey on the rinks down below, so that is always entertaining. Yesterday we ran close to 8 miles, so the goal of 13 seems super easy right now. What I need to work on is the 13 miles in 1:45.

On Thanksgiving day I ran the Turkey Trot. Back in September I set a goal to run this 5K in 22 minutes, which I am realizing now was ridiculous. The results are not yet posted but I think I finished a little over 26 minutes. This is a good time for me, but way off from 22. I have to take into account that half of the course was like an ice rink and I forgot to put the spikes on the bottom of my sneakers, but I don't think they would have gained me 4 minutes. I'm not too worried about it because I still have 5 months to get faster, which in the world of running is a long time.

I'm taking a rest day today, because I have some ankle pain. I may have over done it this weekend with skijoring, a bike race, and running, but I felt good. Tonight the hot tub calls!

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