Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heading South and Random Acts of Insanity

I'm off to the Lower 48 for some hot weather. Brian left for Traverse City Michigan to visit his brother on Monday night. I'll be meeting him there for the weekend and then flying to good ole ABE Airport to stay in PA for a week and a half. While I'm there I planning on riding bikes, running around, drinking many beers, going to NYC to see a show and eat some REAL pizza (sorry Anchorage but the food here just can't compete) and playing with my friends kids.

Random fact. I haven't gotten my haircut in 6 months, because living in Alaska you tend to neglect these things. Or maybe it's just me. So I had all of these split ends growing and my hair has been a long, frizzy, tangled mess. Last night I took a pair of scissors out of the drawer and cut off my ponytail. Then I did this sort of "Ernie takes a bite of Berts cookie" episode where I trimmed one side and it was uneven, and then I trimmed the other side to even it up. And so on and so on. So now my hair is really short and looks like I let the cat cut it. Not really what I had in mind, but atleast is out of my way!

Hopefully I'll be reporting in next with some adventures in Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Chris's sister lives in Traverse City too... maybe we'll have to meet up there someday.