Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

In three brief hours of insanity, the Anchorage Assembly lifted the ban on fireworks within the city last night. What a great idea, let's wait until everyone in town is good and drunk and then give them a bunch of fireworks and a lighter and let them go to town.

I'm actually surprised to see this morning that the city did not burn to the ground. Around 9 pm last night Brian and I rode our bikes over to our friend's party a few block away through what seemed like a war zone. Smoke was everywhere and fireworks were coming from every direction.

There was no shortage of fireworks being set off at our party either. And I can say, now that I know at least no one I know got hurt and that the city seems to mostly be still standing today, that it... was... glorious.

I have never seen so many fireworks being set off at once in every direction that I looked. I even watched some guy light a paper lantern and set it off into the sky. How this is legal I have no idea. It was a giant lantern made out of PAPER and it was lit and set off into the sky to fly over Anchorage. Later we could see about 20 of these things flying over town.

For the rest of the night we alternated between watching fireworks and dancing, bringing in the new year in style. Thanks Josh and Alexa!

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Alexa said...

Yes! Happy New Year and glad you guys came to celebrate! What a great night!