Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Anti-Frosty Bottom

Brian and I wanted to get out for a longish ride of over 30 miles. The Frosty Bottom was being held that day, but we decided why pay 45 dollars to ride on the Tour of Anchorage Trail when we do that all the time for free.

So Brian proposed an Anti-Frosty Bottom course. He sent me the following email while I was at work on Friday.

"Check it out:
tour trail
blue dot
moose meadow
black bear
brown bear
Gas line
Gas line to Prospect heights
Down powerline to creek
wolverine /wolverine bowl/near point intersection
wolverine bowl trail back to creek
climb again to middle fork
middle fork to power line
south rim trail
goldern grass
powerline back to creek (3rd time)
wolverine bowl trail along creek to north rim/basher
cross road (if trail exists) to tank trail or road to tank trail
entire moose ridge loop
North Bivouc, cross over to South Biv
Gas Line down to creek
salmon run
tour trail
Hot Tub

So we headed out around 10 am that Saturday. The trails in town were crap. We had a big warm up the week before and a lot of the snow had melted. Then it got cold again and froze everything back up. But not before three million people walked all over the slushy trails.

We rode through the first half of the planned ride, bouncing and sliding along the icy, bumpy trails. Mounting and dismounting our bikes as we hit tough sections. It was actually great training for the overflow sections of the White Mountain Race. On the bike, off the bike. This takes a tremendous amount of core strength.

The extreme cold temperatures we have had this winter, have created this beautiful hoar frost that covers everything...

Somewhere before we got to the Wolverine Bowl part of the ride we decided that it probably wasn't the day to ride the Middle Fork. It was super icy and we were on fat tires, not studs. So we revised our route and headed to North Basher early.

Riding on the Basher Trail I remembered how close to a cliff the trail goes in the summer. Given the icy conditions, I dismounted my bike. Only a dumb ass would ride this, I thought.

Then I  rounded the corner and saw this...

Luckily he was caught by a tree.

And was able to climb out easily.

We found the connector trail on the other side of Basher and road down the Powerline Trail while the sun set over Anchorage. Yes, the trails were crappy and yes, I was in a bad mood, but if we didn't get out this day we never would have seen this. And that made all the effort and the misery worthwhile. 



Alexa said...

you guys are awesome!!! also, basher is very scary in that one section, even when i am just running on my two feet! i am glad you dismounted and that brian escaped unscathed. hope to see guys real soon!

Julie said...

NICE bike crash, Brian! I did one just like that out of Kennicott this summer.. rolled down a cliff but luckily was caught by a tree. Good thing those trees are looking out for us. :)

mike said...

I must've missed the "official" renaming of the blog... but I approve!