Saturday, October 2, 2010

Falling Water Valley

Brian and I wanted to do a new hike, but didn't have the energy to climb a peak so we took Niko and Guiness, my friend Trish's dog, out for a hike in Falling Water Valley to check out the fall colors.

The doggies had fun running around on the tundra...

So excited that the snow is coming...

Taking a break to figure out what peaks we are looking at, and planning future trips...

I guess I would call this hike a pleasant walk on rolling tundra. We didn't gain any significant elevation and it was pretty easy going.

The fall colors were everywhere. I love the contrast between the oranges and yellows with the stark white snow at this time of year.

We saw more sheep this summer than any other. My camera does a pretty good job of zooming, these sheep were at least a half mile away.

Eventually we reached the snowline. Yippeeeeee!

We took note of some fun looking skiing slopes for future winter trips.

Guiness napping in the snow. Actually that's not true, I made her pose for this.

We made good time once we turned around and headed back down the valley. We took a lot of breaks and walked leisurely up the valley and it still only took four and a half hours round trip. Can't wait to explore this valley on skis.

I can't believe it's October already. This is the time of year we usually try to get stuff done around our house, getting ready for winter and doing some cleaning that we have neglected all summer, but the hiking has been so good, I think we'll just live with the messy house.

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Julie's Mom said...

Hi Jules! Just read your blog and was showing my teacher friends why they should come to Alaska this summer. I was not too pleased with the multiple references to your bottom (jk just being your mom).We are getting ready for Thanksgiving down here in the "lower 48" and wish you were here! Have a great Thanksgiving and we will talk. Love to Brian and the "children"! Mom