Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stay tuned...

I haven't had much time to blog in the past week, but thought I would write something quick before I go to bed. For most of my waking hours that I am not working I have been staring at what you see in this photo below. This has been my biggest week of training yet. Yesterday I rode for 8 hours and 50 snow miles with my bike fully loaded with gear.

My thoughts about biking have gone to both ends of the spectrum this week as I followed along with the Iditarod Trail Invitational. For the past few years at this time of year, I have watched this race closely and have read all of the stories and have found myself longing to be out on that trail. But then I would ride my bike for a long time, like yesterday, and at points in the ride when my lower back is hurting and my hands are throbbing I think, hell no I am never doing that race. Let's just take this one step at a time and see how 100 miles feels.

Now today I'm back to day dreaming about the Iditarod Trail. It mostly happens behind the comfort of my laptop, so for right now I'm dismissing it as a daydream and that's all.

Tomorrow I Ice Climb in the Alaska Ice Climbing Festival! Oh how I have missed the ice. I almost feel the way I feel when I am making a trip home to see my family and friends in PA. I cannot wait to be back on the ice. And now that I will be tapering for the race, I'll be able to climb all the time, now and when the race is over. Happy, happy times.

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Anonymous said...

You truly are doing what you love to do. Good for you! I imagine that under the layers and puffy winter clothing, your body is sinewy and lean. Your mind is focused and energized. Never say never, and keep the Iditarod in the back of your mind. It's a possibility, you just need a team of dogs. I have a blogger friend who travels from Georgia every year to volunteer as a handler at the race, surely you can try that sometime! Get to know the mushers and before you know it, you'll be mushing, too!